The word “albatross” is sometimes used metaphorically to mean a psychological burden that feels like a curse. Each of us carries our own burdens, our own anchors, and our own demons within us. Through my work I seek to create a visual journey through confronting tribulations present within our lives—by attempting to shed the anchors that weigh us down and fight the demons that haunt us, we can achieve measures of transcendence and even tranquility within the chaos.

Thank You:

Pipo Nguyen-Duy, Ed Fuquay, Richard Wood, Sarah Schuster, Nanette Yanuzz-Macias, Jennifer Ray, Don Harvey, Catherine Mccormick, Keith Oberman, my family, Sam Young, Rose Hartley, Zoe Strassman, Elizabeth Schwab, Curtis Cook, Sara Gaines, Lucas Briffa, Gregory Wikstrom, Sarp Yavuz, Jillian Kron, Maira Clancy, Michael Olson, Alison Fontaine-Cappel, Allison Karasyk, Becca Dewitt, Hanna Klein, Faith Hayes, Chase Stone, Devra Freelander, Madalyn Berg and Jane Doe.


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